Wanli Tire Assists CRRC Zhuzhou on its trial operation of the first Autonomous Rail Demonstration Line in the world

Release time:2018-05-10

At 9:50 in the morning on May 8, with a push on the start button of the first Autonomous Rail Demonstration Line in the world, the Autonomous Rail officially entered a three-month trial operation phase.

Abbreviated as Autonomous Rail, the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit System is a brand-new mode of transportation tool developed by the CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “CRRC Zhuzhou”). The organic combination of urban buses and trams has granted the Autonomous Rail with a carrying capacity higher than buses as well as better flexibility and economic performance than trams. Therefore, the Autonomous Rail is very suitable for second-tier and third-tier cities in easing traffic congestion of urban arterial roads. The Autonomous Rail is a globally pioneer high-tech product independently developed by CRRC Zhuzhou.

The train adopted by the Autonomous Rail uses rubber trackless laying method. Compared with traditional vehicles, the train of the Autonomous Rail carries more passengers and has greater net weight, thus the load borne by the tires is very large; on the other hand, the turning radius of the train is comparable to that of ordinary buses, while the channel width of the train is even smaller than that of ordinary buses, as a result, the requirements on the handling performance and driving accuracy of tire is very high.

As the developer and manufacturer of the tire adopted by the train of Autonomous Rail, Wanli Tire grants its product with three advantages: First, large load and high reliability; second, superior handling performance and accurate smart driving control; three, low rolling resistance and high driving mileage. With these outstanding features, Wanli light-rail tires can fully meet the needs of Autonomous Rail in tests such as load, high speed, smart control, wearing, high-speed serpentine turning, and extreme turning.

The supporting project for CSSR Autonomous Rail has once again demonstrated the forefront position of Wanli Tire in the industry development, exhibited the strong R&D strength of Wanli and reflected the manufacturing advantages of Hefei Wanli Intelligent Plant.