Chief Economist Luo Junfu of SASAC Guangzhou visited Double One Company to carry out party building work supervision

Release time:2018-12-12

     In order to improve the party building supervision of grassroots party organizations under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, in the afternoon on December 7, Luo Junfu, member of the Party Committee and Chief Economist of the Municipal SASAC, visited Double One Company, a second-level subordinate enterprise of Vanlead Group to carry out party building work supervision. The Reform Office of the Municipal SASAC, General Manager Huang Yong and Deputy General Manager Liu Huichun of Vanlead Group, and relevant responsible persons from departments of the Group Headquarters and Double One Company accompanied the visit.

△Site of the supervision and investigation meeting

     Chief Economist Luo Junfu and the team first visited the Double One condom production line, and then held a symposium to hear the report on the rectification of the weak and scattered grassroots party branch, the main practices, the work results and the next work plan. Vanlead Group made a report on strengthening party building. The two sides also held an interactive exchange on the requirements of party building work put forward by the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in his inspection of Guangdong Province.

     Chief Economist Luo Junfu affirmed the effectiveness of Vanlead Group and Double One Company in actively rectifying and supervising the weak and loose party organization, ensuring the normal and effective operation of the grassroots party branch and the steady development of Double One Company in recent years, and put forward three requirements for the party building work: First, we must continue to consolidate the achievements of the grassroots party branch in rectifying weakness and looseness, and continue to play the role of the grassroots party organization as a fighting bastion; second, we must solidly promote the three-year action plan for grassroots party organization construction, and promote the overall progress and overall integrity of grassroots party organizations; Third, we must conscientiously study the newly promulgated "Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party of China Branch (Trial)" and thoroughly implement the work requirements for party branches of state-owned enterprises.